Corporate & Portrait Photography
Tizer Studio is a creative studio specialising in Photography (Food, Architectural, Product & Portrait). We also design graphics and websites to a very high standard, encapsulating content management systems so clients can edit their websites themselves. Our moving image services are very broad - these include film, animation, colour grading, colour correction and cinematography.
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Portrait | Corporate

Portrait | Corporate

Ideally, portrait photography will include a perfect collaboration between: fashion, makeup, hair, lighting, and framing. As the photographer, my role includes advising on whether there is any glare for the makeup artist to amend, and asking the hair stylists to reposition their subjects’ hair when needed. However, I always have control of the lighting and framing, depending on the brief provided.

Corporate photography is all about shooting photographs for companies’ advertising, documentation, and PR in the best possible light (in all senses of the word light!). I always bring my studio lighting to locations when conducting corporate photography, so as to utilise, when appropriate, the control of light, and to produce crisp, stock-like images. Whether it is taking team shots, imagery of the facilities, or life shots within the workplace, it is important to consider the most effective framing and subject matter. Therefore, it is very useful to know prior to the shoot what the images’ function/s will be.


March 10, 2016